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Stop To Transform

stop-to-transformOften times I find that the person getting in my way the most is myself.

That the reason I don’t ship is because of me.

It’s hard to hear others give their criticism (or praise) when I’m too busy shouting over them.

On the road to transformation in life, and business, often times we talk about the scariest part being the new challenges. However, I think you’re a lot like me, and the true test of whether you can make the journey isn’t anything new, it’s old.

Two articles had me yelling at myself this week, both about stopping. I warn you the second one might have language a bit more spicy than you’d like.

I’ve created a list combining my favorites from each list. If you’re serious about this year being the year, what are you going to stop doing?

To become a butterfly you need to stop being a caterpillar.

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