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Keller Williams Mega Camp 2011 Director Of Media Production

According to a recent study one Mashable, homeowners are more likely to list with an agent using video. The numbers so 73% of homeowners feel this way.

Yet only 12% of agents have a YouTube channel. And you can bet even less actively and consistently use video in their business. JP Lewis, Director of Media Production with Keller Williams International, is looking to change all of that. Here are some of his quick tips for better real estate video.

Know Your Brand

know your brand

Video can easily be a catalyst to bring your brand to life. It’s important to remember that real estate is local and it’s your brand that matters.

Before you even go to Best Buy and drool over cameras, make sure you’ve clearly defined your brand.

Show your Unique Value Proposition, and convey that UVP in everything from video screen-casts, video tours, client testimonials, etc.

The Key Is SEO

seo keys

Once you’ve made your video don’t forget the Search Engine Optimization and all the distribution aspects. Your business doesn’t benefit from video sitting on your hard drive.

An unwatched video does nothing for your business, you need to get it in front of your target audience. JP’s main focus here is make sure you are tagging, keyword optimizing and embedding it in the right places.

Your content should be focused around your keywords, and what you’re trying to show up on the search engines for. Let’s get more than just your mom watching your videos.

Keep It Simple

keep it simple

JP graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio/TV/Film. He’s shot and edited for HGTV and a variety of production houses in Texas.

He can tell you better than anyone, video cost can quickly get out of hand.

He says keep it simple and cheap, especially in the beginning. Make sure you’re holding your money and effort accountable to bringing you business.

For the rest of JP’s tips go to KW’s blog.

Photo credit: Derek, Steven & Lali

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