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Today on the ticker we have a very special show. We’re talking with the co-founder of Nu Offer, Imraan Ali.

We’re very excited to bring this information to you. It is a killer app for the iPad, that provides you with the means to write offers in 10 minutes or less.

And not the 10 minutes that’s actually 45 minutes to an hour, that you’re dealing with now.


You Are The Secret Sauce

It is safe to say no one has ever confused me with Brad Pitt.

Though, we both have striking good looks and charisma for days, it just hasn’t happened.

And that’s ok!

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Book Review – Growth Hacker Marketing

If you want to be at the forefront of change, and advancing your business you need to check out this book.

In Growth Hacker Marketing (amazon) Ryan Holiday nails the marketing game to the wall. And discusses how the premise of grow hacking is changing things.

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Real Estate Video 201

video-in-real-estateThere is no doubt that video has been the “hottest” topic on this show over the past year.

We were guests with Colin Krieg of RE/MAX Kelowna on the amazing show Mobile Agent TV.

We discussed with them how to take your real estate videos to the “next level” after you have mastered the basics of shooting, editing and promoting.


How Not To Suck On Facebook

facebook-marketingThis post needs almost no introduction.

The bulk of the information you need to really get a grasp on the matter at hand is common sense.

But, alas, it seems this is one resource that is constantly in short supply.

In today’s show we talk about some of the biggest Facebook offenders.
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5 Directions To Recalculating

5-directions-to-recalculating-gps-girlYou’re driving down the road, in an unfamiliar city, headed to a conference.

You take a wrong turn.

Your GPS says that much dreaded phrase…


Well, maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe, we need a bit of recalcutiing from time to time.

Not only when we’re lost out on the road, but also in our life and business.

In today’s show we talk about the 5 keys to Recalculating.

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Book Review – The Platinum Book of Cha-Ching

blogging-in-real-estateToday’s show isn’t what we expected.

We didn’t actually finish this month’s book.

The reasons might surprise you.

So, what were our thoughts on Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching?

Find out in today’s show.
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Dating Your Database

real-estate-database-managementMany websites and news articles mention the importance of continuing to date while you’re married.

By that I mean date your spouse.

We’d you think this post was going? :)

It’s an awesome concept, and one for which my wife is a huge advocate.

But, how can dating improve your business?

Learn how in today’s video.

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